Lessons For Kids FAQS

Can I sit in on my son/daughter’s lesson?

Yes, parents are welcome to be in the room with their child.

How much do lessons cost?

Guitar lessons are £15 for 30 minutes, or £25 for an hour. There are also discounts available, click here to read more. Piano lessons are £10 for 30 minutes or £20 for an hour.

How old should my son/daughter be to start lessons?

The youngest recommended age is six years old.

Where are the lessons located?

Lessons are located at Steve's teaching studio at his home in Guildford.

What times are available?

Spaces are limited - please call 07709122014 to enquire about available slots.

How does a one to one lesson work?

Lessons are different for every student, as everyone is different. In the first lesson, Steve can determine the best approach for your child that will help develop and motivate them in a fun and relaxing environment.

How much should my son/daughter practice?

For younger children, Steve recommends three/four practice sessions a week lasting around 10 minutes each. For teenagers, regular 30 minute sessions will provide great results- even better if the student wants to practice more (but they must not be pushed to do so).

What kind of guitar should I get for my son or daughter?

For kids aged 6/7, a 1/2 or 3/4 sized guitar is best, depending on the size of the child. Good, affordable brands for these are Fender Squier, Yamaha, Encore and Vintage. For teenagers, a full sized electric guitar or or steel stringed guitar is recommended. Please call Steve on 07709122014 for recommendations based on your budget.

What does my son/daughter need to bring to lessons?

The student only needs to bring their guitar and any books/music they are working from.

How long do lessons last?

For children aged 6-8, lessons are 30 minutes long. For older students, the first few lessons are 30 minutes, with the option to move up to an hour once Steve feels they are ready.